Publication date: 2018-04-03
ISSUE: 2018-05
TUNG YU E-PAPERISSUE : 2018-05 - Tung Yu - Tailor-Made Solutions Provider

Tung Yu - Tailor-Made Solutions Provider

Tilting frame Design, make more possibility in the composites market.
CHINAPLAS in Hongqiao, Shanghai

CHINAPLAS 2018 in Hongqiao Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai will begin at April, 24. Total exhibition area of Hongqiao Exhibition and Convention Center have 30% more than 2016 in SNIEC, and you can expect there will be more over 180,000 visitors coming.

On our booth, there are not only compression machine but also injection machine to be exhibited so come to visit us at stand 3J41.

Check the Exhibition Schdule

International Rubber Technology Show(Expobor)

International Rubber Technology Show(Expobor) in Brazil, the biggest rubber industrial show in south america. This time, there is a COMPRESSION molding machine and a RT9, an INJECTION molding series which are cooperated with REP. Come to visit us!

The others SHOW around the world  



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