Publication date: 2018-07-06
ISSUE: 2018-09
TUNG YU E-PAPERISSUE : 2018-09 - Customized equipment for tire and relevant products

Customized equipment for tire and relevant products

Tire and relevant products vulcanizing equipment

For tire, retreading tire, tire flap, tire bladder and so on, we offer customized solution to customers. Moreover, we have a lot of series depend on different main mechanism, there are about slab-side and injecting types for vulcanizing. 


Once every two years, TAIPEIPLAS in 2018

International plastic and rubber industrial show take place once every tow years, and it's a professional and magnificent exhibition in Asia. Have you ever been there in 2014 or 2016? Do you remember the exhibition we have? It's ready for you all to join our show this year. Before you're here, let's check the trailer video first! 


Report-EXPOBOR in Brazil
We have finished the exhibition successfully with REP in EXPOBOR, Brazil. Have you been there this week? Or you can find some photos here!