Publication date: 2019-05-02
ISSUE: 2019-03
TUNG YU E-PAPERIssue: 2019-03 - Conveyor belt vulcanizing solutionLeading in the machine manufacturer for fabric reinforced belt and steel cord conveyor belt

Leading in the machine manufacturer for fabric reinforced belt and steel cord conveyor belt

Strength and thermal machinery design, the main area and core value, Tung Yu are proud of. Focusing on the core value of our business, we develop all range of hydraulic machines and customized solutions to give the maximum possible value to our customers. 

For steel cord conveyor belt or flat conveyor belt, the capacity is ranging up to 14,000 tons as to customer’s requirements in the market. Curing press could be with main cylinders on top or bottom design to fit factory layout, on both sides equipped with automation guiding mechanism to make sure material belt at centering position. Moreover, we establish the convenient and safety process in production by complying with multi-station operation.

For fabric reinforced belt, ROTOCURE of Tung Yu is a leading status in Asia, in the meantime, it has sold to Germany, USA, Canada, Japan and so on. Because its excellent quality, our products are highly praised by customers. In addition to the main curing press, we have machine of wind-up and let-off, other auxiliary equipment and whole production line on customized designing.

With elite R&D team, a target of servitization of manufacturing, to build up one of kind solution for each customers’ need. Tung Yu has been with customers and help them to reinforce competitiveness in the market of conveyor belts through our machine. 

The detail of all kind of machines showed on our catalogs and TY website, or please send us an e-mail for further information.