Publication date: 2019-10-24
ISSUE: 2019-09
TUNG YU E-PAPERIssue: 2019-09 - Clamping force is ranging up to 14,400 tonsSteel cord conveyor belt and rubber belt vulcanizing machines

Steel cord conveyor belt and rubber belt vulcanizing machines

Comply with multi-station operation, we establish the convenient and safety process in production. With different products and needs from customers, Tung Yu provides the custom-made service. Curing press could be with main cylinders on top or bottom design to fit factory layout and ergonomic engineering, on both sides equipped with automation guiding mechanism to make sure material belt at centering position. Tung Yu has stronger experience on the mechanical design, program edition, machine installation and turn-key facility arrangement along with safety operation and efficiency productivity. Total solution provider as Tung Yu is always to create the best value for our customers with successfully.