Publication date: 2018-11-20
ISSUE: 2018-14
TUNG YU E-PAPERIssue: 2018-14 - Why TUNG YU can have more effective way to save manpower and process time for customer?For reducing manpower and process time, the main idea is an automatic solution

For reducing manpower and process time, the main idea is an automatic solution

Since last year, TUNG YU has been cooperate related projects with electronic passive component manufacturers. As customers had demanded automation and high-efficiency production, also wish this new project can save more manpower and time cost in order to improve the competitiveness of products in the market environment. In the process of development, we also brainstorming and find the key point of optimization with customer : use automatic material feeding and discharging carrier to formed with small-tonnage compression molding machine. It would development fully automatic inductive component forming product equipment, using most simple operational way and streamlined design to let customer pick up the equipment easily. Successfully save lots of artificial source and process time. 

Passive components have always been the top three output value of Taiwan's export industry, but they are also affected by the fluctuations of global supply and demand. We optimize from the process, indirectly increase production value and price; these will create market advantages for customers. 

Each collaboration between TUNG YU and customers will have different customization program. However, we will have the same target to build up cogent position for each other and take the lead position in global market.

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