Publication date: 2019-06-05
ISSUE: 2019-05
TUNG YU E-PAPERISSUE : 2019-05 - Horizontal Injection Molding Machine

Horizontal Injection Molding Machine

How to

You can skip material loading and easily take the products. Different from compression molding production, injection machine is the better way to expand your process automatically with its horizontal structure. At the same time, using CRB+ system to increase the quality of products.

Integrated of demolding mechanism and product conveyor belt, this machine will be more efficient. Being connected from machines to people and to whole all the factory, we have applied the OPC UA on our design.  More features about this machine→ Horizontal-Rubber-Injection

2019 Taichung Industrial Automation Show

YCP series, a recycling assistant for metal processing chips brings more benefit than before. As you reduce the pilling space of chips, you get cutting oil a least 95% back to you at the same time. Recently, we successfully support many companies to upgrade their factory by saving space and cost, also environmental protection.

Welcome to visit our stand in Taichung Industrial Automation Exhibition on July 11th to 15thand you can have more detail. Our booth no. is 0964.    

2019 China Composites Expo

Metal powder, carbon fiber, glass fiber and others composites materials are different from rubber, but there are two similar factors which are thermal and strength. We take our effort on this field to develop any possibility and this year, we will show up on China Composites Exhibition in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. Welcome to visit us.

Report-2019 CHINAPLAS
Keep chasing innovation, we have successfully shown the horizontal injection molding machine with CRB+ on the new version. Integrated of automatic...read more?

Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival