Publication date: 2019-07-22
ISSUE: 2019-06
TUNG YU E-PAPERISSUE : 2019-06 - What's the "forming" solution?

What's the "forming" solution?

Multiple applications and solutions
Based on the power of strength and heat, we develop numbers of equipment and patented technology; the production of various...read more?Please click the link below!


Every three years, K SHOW will take place in Sep. in Germany. Visitors and exhibitors are from everywhere. Although we have 8 days for this show, we can not have all the booths being visited. Let's do some work before you going there and don't forget Tung Yu is located at B57 of hall 14. What's new in our booth? Please come to visit us and enjoy the K 2019!

The first time to join the CCE!

The first time to join the CCE!

China Composites Exhibition is hosted by China Composites Group Corporation Ltd (CCGC) and also certificated from JEC Group. This Sep. we take part in CCE in Shanghai. come and visit us!

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