Publication date: 2019-09-06
ISSUE: 2019-07
TUNG YU E-PAPERISSUE : 2019-07 - Rubber and composites forming solutions

Rubber and composites forming solutions

Injection molding PLUS solution

Tung Yu is always providing solutions to meet the necessary needs from customers. We do believe this innovation could increase machine utilization and decrease the dependency on labor and process to optimize productivity.  


Report-2019 China Composites Exhibition

Not only rubber compression molding machines but also composites forming solutions, Tung Yu keeps expanding on multiple applications and fields. We have accumulated many experience on composites application for more than 10 years.


K-SHOW 2019

The biggest plastic and rubber exhibition around the world, K-SHOW, will start at Oct. 16th and last for 8 days. Tung Yu has a booth in hall 14. We prepare a compression molding machine and a injection molding machine for K-SHOW. Welcome to visit us at booth no. B57 in hall 14.

Tung Yu exhibition schedule in 2019http://www.tungyu.com/exhibition/

2019 International Elastomer Conference in U.S.
Happy Moon Festival!

Happy Moon Festival!