Publication date: 2020-12-22
ISSUE: 2020-06
TUNG YU E-PAPERISSUE : 2020-06 - All the best for 2021! Happy New Year! ☆

All the best for 2021! Happy New Year! ☆

May the warmest wishess and friendly greetings stay with you all the year through. 
Continuous vulcanizing process – ROTOCURE
From Taiwan original design manufacturer Tung Yu provides series Rotocure machines has gained significant market share of rubber machinery with high recognition and deep trusted  by customers. Depends on different products and needs from customers, Tung Yu builds custom-made production line from let-off, to Rotocure main press and wind-up station. 


Tilting frame Design, make more possibility in the composites market.

Brand new and special tilting frame design with main ram on top to have ergonomics engineering for operation. Equipped with sliding cart and separate pedestal operating box to ensure safety and also increase efficiency. There will be no more limitation on machine working height and production condition for jumbo composite products such as vehicle engine hood and car bumpers etc. 

Please click this youtube photo for more information. (Compression Machine for Your Rubber or Composites products. )